Opening Reception: Circle of Truth | 49 Paintings Ending in Ed Ruscha


Biggs Museum of American Art Thu, Jul 25 6:00 PM


Opening Reception: Circle of Truth | 49 Paintings Ending in Ed Ruscha

Thursday, July 25 | 6-8 PM

Tickets: $10 | Members: Free

Circle of Truth is a mesmerizing exhibition that pushes the boundaries of collaboration, creativity, and the concept of Truth itself. This groundbreaking project involved 49 contemporary artists, each working in complete secrecy, to create a chain of interconnected artworks over a nine-year period. 

Inspired by the childhood schoolroom exercise known as the Rumor Game or Telephone, where a whispered message is passed from student to student, The Circle of Truth takes this concept and transforms it into a visual journey. Beginning with a painting created by co-curator Shane Guffogg, each subsequent artist received a blank canvas and the previous painting, with no knowledge of the prior artist's identity. Their task was to find "Truth" in the previous painting and create a response, which was then passed on to the next artist. 

This process, repeated 49 times, resulted in a breathtaking collection of interconnected artworks, each a response to the previous painting, yet unique. Participants were asked to keep their involvement in the project a secret until its completion, contributing to the mystery and intrigue surrounding The Circle of Truth. 

The exhibition features the final 49 artworks, each accompanied by the artist's essay detailing their experience. These essays offer a glimpse into the creative process, the discoveries made, and the impact of the project on the artists' perceptions of Truth. 

Join us for the Opening Reception, where you'll have the opportunity to witness this extraordinary project firsthand. Dive into the interconnected world of The Circle of Truth, explore the essays, and engage with the artists' perspectives on Truth.